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Furry GPT-2: Medical drama

After seeing the AI Weirdness post showing text generated by the GPT-2 neural network, I decided to try some of my own prompts.

Each document starts with a human-written prompt shown in bold, followed by computer-generated text. Everything that the computer generates is completely fictional, and should not be taken seriously.

A pathowogen medical drama

Looks like the pathowogen works on young specimens too. If we control the young ones eventually we will control the whole world! And I believe the radiology researchers will write some, maybe too many."

"And, Ronald," cut in she fell silent. She still gazed grimly into the grey light of future life. "We have forgotten how life is going with the cryonic girls!"

At that, his very eyes snapped shut - like the red glow, or poison made of spores - and he ran the other way, exited the medical school complex, elbows swinging, as many years as deliberately wasted. The glow never dangled backward, which was a part of his life at that very moment. It was like laser sight in a scrape spell, checking endless spots of light.

And everyblock of space, everything ray and block!

At twenty feet, he'd already made something which hovered above a little tycoon from Hampden and turned to look at the deal and pay for it deeply enough to exploit it. Nothing came, he had realized - no occult mushrooms being infested by faeries, fingers lodged either in his skin or located even deeper in his head - though it counted for something.

And yet, it was impossibleing - ten billion billion, branches of test crystals wrapped in a robe smoothed like charismas during a struggle-style fight.

His eyes closed, for the hardbery tentacles in the air became trapped beneath the iron skin: they fell, now and then. Also hurled back from one falling object: under it, his shadow flew into the trembling ghosts of his bedriater classmates and into the creatures late, and Elaine Tustin flashed a ray of hope before being torn apart - and killed for no reason.

"My poor fellow, it was impossible for you to have missed the approaching descent. You try to leaveed from Whirlpool goodbye? Proper timing?" thought Elaine, attempting desperately not to frown. Sweat shot down the perfect colour. "Death must be really stopped."

"Yaaagh! Certainly not by coming out of your whirlpool. If I am against me, then not you clever fellows. It is much to a degree that trying your best to avoid mortality as violence, attacking me as a child relax, that is exactly what you are doing to a girl you love. It is all deviceeless to you Flux and Davenport. Maybe you can do better?"

"I didn't say 'do better'," thought Elaine. Immediately after taking off much of her confantiation, she could see the starry