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Furry GPT-2: Musical Script

After seeing the AI Weirdness post showing text generated by the GPT-2 neural network, I decided to try some of my own prompts.

Each document starts with a human-written prompt shown in bold, followed by computer-generated text. The prompt for this post is an excerpt from BLFC: A Musical Tail. Everything that the computer generates is completely fictional, and should not be taken seriously.

Part of a musical script

Thistle lowers his phone, looks up at Clover, then to the same direction as Clover. Thistle's eyes light up and his jaw drops.

A medley of colorful fur approaches, as a group of Fursuiters mob the hallway. The Fursuiters walk right in front of the crowd that the two are in. Clover grins, watching the excited little dog take in the sight.

Thistle steps through the gathering crowd, in tune with the opening piano keys of STITCHES. The crowd blurs away into a fuzzy haze of shapes. The naturally lit corridor brightens to an almost iridescent glow. He dances unnoticed between the Fursuiters. They start to get excited.

Thistle's eyes are opened, and he begins to sing.


The Fursuiters begin to sing, but Thistle's eyes are only focused on them. They look at him blankly.


The Fursuiters are suddenly caught in the sights of the crowd, and Thistle's eyes widen. He is about to get some of the attention of the few Fursuits in the crowd, but Thistle's eyes widen. He starts to shout, and all the Fursuits begin to sing along with him. He doesn't sound like he's singing anymore, and he doesn't even stop to speak.

The Fursuiters give him a thumbs up and a thumbs down.

"You guys are so cute! No need for any special attention!"

Thistle is still singing, but the crowd starts to get louder. Thistle's voice is so warm and clear, and the Fursuiters start to sing along with it.


Thistle's eyes widen, and they close to the crowd. He can be seen making his way through the crowd.


Thistle's eyes widen and he's getting closer to the crowd. He pulls at the fur on his back, letting it fall to the ground. He tries to stay calm, but his eyes are still wide open.