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Furry GPT-2: A more fun Galactic Camp waiver

After seeing the AI Weirdness post showing text generated by the GPT-2 neural network, I decided to try some of my own prompts.

Each document starts with a human-written prompt shown in bold, followed by computer-generated text. Everything that the computer generates is completely fictional and should not be taken seriously.

A more fun Galactic Camp waiver

I acknowledge that I have voluntarily applied to participate in Galactic Camp, 2019, (hereafter “Activity” or “Event”) at The USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier (hereafter “Venue”). This event will take place on or between February 23 and February 24, 2019. The purpose of this travel duration is to encourage more customized flight related activity, engage the pilots of the spacecraft and visit some of Outer Space's many locations. The 2019 experience includes a myriad of corporations offering activities to increase their connection with the crew on ships sailing around occupied space.

I realize that there are many things I would like to say about this year's Galaxy War II® play-type play itself. From the tutorials about Sabertooth style combat and how to use your camera wisely to how to make navigation menus appear more/less natural, just about anything is possible, any single play could be a great season opener. Or let me lay it all out based on some things that I have come across as I cast before. The result of all of this is that we actually have plenty of information we can't yet make out on the next chapter in our Galactic Sport Frontier Series and so it stands to reason we should all be involved with the upcoming Galaxy War II® – now that we have that info, let's get started!

We all want to be one of the figures that has the most of this body of work. This is no different than the overarching missions built out of our existing Apollo missions as well as exciting Space Wars III® missions, but constantly bringing new sojourns to support humanity in the future. It's a ton of work, and while most of it may not be as informed and involved as we were originally asked for in this article, I feel the overall mission of this year should not be considered you Win or loser. It can certainly make for a great week off cross-pollination in Star Wars Arena where crew share their experiences, but should be undertaken generally to efficiently and inexpensively return to the quest for justice and advancement of mankind in 2017. The Commander Space Harriers drive to the forefront of battle as officers of the now legendary Pilots of '80s Space – thus giving us yet another Mission to Sit back and pull out all the stops and still achieve our goals.

Ada is a SPACE HOG. Inspired Kiera, she is usually alone at the Command Post in the Sullust Headquarters. Welcome to her forge rendezvous point! Have a nice holiday season and see you on Sunday – have a long laugh, and be glad to share your next Rebel with me as Created Worlds Choset. We hope you enjoy your holiday xo!!!

Director: Lam Gallant

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