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Furry GPT-2: List of fursuit makers

Using the GPT-2 neural network generator through the Talk to Transformer interface, I used four real fursuit maker names as a prompt to generate more names. The prompt is shown in bold.

List of fursuit makers:

  1. Beetlecat Originals
  2. Don't Hug Cacti
  3. Mischief Makers
  4. More Fur Less
  5. The Best Fur
  6. Muppet Fur
  7. Furry Furs
  8. I'm So Bad
  9. No Fur
  10. The Furry Farthest From The Bottom
  11. Stomp on Me
  12. I'm the Furry Farthest From The Bottom
  13. I'm not a Fur.
  14. It's not an Actual Furry Farthest From The Bottom
  15. No Fur
  16. Puffins
  17. Fur and Furs: Furry Friendship
  18. I'm a Furry Frugal Mom
  19. I'm Just a Fur
  20. Fuzzy Furs
  21. I'm Not a Fur
  22. Stuffed Up
  23. My Fur Life
  24. No Fur
  25. Fur and Mascot
  26. The Furless
  27. No Fur on the Go
  28. Not All Fur
  29. The Last of Us
  30. I'm Really Furless
  31. I'm No Fur, But I'm Fur
  32. No Furry Furs
  33. My Fur Life
  34. Fur and Furs: Mascot Marriage