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Edited xkcd: Fursuiter Proximity

I had an idea, so I created this:

Edited xkcd comic: Fursuiter Proximity
Fursuiter Proximity

This image is derived from xkcd 231: Cat Proximity and xkcd 471: Aversion Fads by Randall Munroe. The sources are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 License.

BC Furries

After some furry ferry posts appeared on the Internet, I realized that I had a picture of a ferry that I could edit into something funny. I made this:

BC Furries S-class ferry MV Spirit of OwO
BC Furries S-class ferry MV Spirit of OwO

Clouded Leopard Fur Drybrushing

I've been working on drybrushing techniques for my Feliform Labs ocelot fursuit project. Since this does not involve ocelots or animatronics, I'm posting it here on my personal blog.

I noticed that some of my prototyping fur (Mendel's Fawn, color sand, fiber length 15 mm) looked a lot like clouded leopard fur without markings. I tried to drybrush some clouds, a few spots, and some stripes using pictures of real clouded leopards for reference. I used the…